You ain’t seen Nothing yet


Today was a shopping intervention. I had to get my bloodwork done for my six month followup next week. I am a little scared that I have not brought my iron levels up. I take all the multi vitamins and all the extra vitamins but the iron. I am scared of the iron…but more on that another day. Today I was sitting and having breakfast with my one of my good friends. She comes up to me and asks “what the blank are you doing?”. She said that we need to lift up my boobs. She says the clothes I am wearing don’t flatter me and that I need to walk around with my shoulders back and head up high. She also says that if I don’t walk straight, she is going to get the ugly security guard to kiss me and she knows that I am a germaphobe. We went to Victoria’s Secret and got measured and everything goes fine. I LOVE the way I look and so thankful that she took me.

My friend also took me to the plastic surgeon. She was like stop being scared and just do it. So we talked to him about my options and he said that I need to wait until all weight is gone before I do any treatments.  I am so glad we went.

Today is day 2 of the Stretch and abs class. I am a little scared because I know its going to get harder. I am a little nervous. I am going to push harder. Before the stretch and abs class, we have a zumba toning class. I am scared for that too because I am tired and when I am tired…its hard for me to want to push. Note: Zumba toning was good. I need to focus on me on the workouts and not others. I need to worry my workout and be less social. The instructor called me out on that and I think that was a good move because then I was able to give 100% instead of 50%. The stretch and abs class went ok but I need to work on my balance.

My food Journal for the day is:



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