Letting Go


Letting go………….

“In the process of letting go, you will lose many things from your past, but you will find  yourself”…Deepak Chopra.

Today I said goodbye to two important things that were holding me back. Today I said goodbye to more clothes. I also said goodbye to some negative people in my life.   It was a sad day.  I think that I will miss my clothes more than people. After this past week I am learning who and what matters the most. Sometimes it’s the excess baggage that will keep you from going forward.

I can’t surround myself with people who are going to drag me down. Everything I am not makes me everything that I am. I am who I am and if you don’t like it, please understand that I can’t be around you. For the first time ever, I have deleted several people from facebook. I can’t be around those who want to pass judgment. I don’t have the emotional strength to deal with everyone who wants to judge. I am learning there are only a few people who matter and those are the ones I chose to focus on right now.

My workout was simple today…just a zumba class. Wow that is a powerful statement. There was a time where I could not do a whole zumba class and now I need more than just a class to feel like I got workout….look how far I have come and continue to go. Super excited!!!

I am getting ready for the next week. Cooking my meals and going grocery shopping was a lot work but its done and I am ready for the week. I hope that everyone has a good week!!!

My food journal for the week was:



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