6 month Appointment and Angel Wings




I had my sixth month doctor’s appointment on Friday. Everything went really well. All my levels are normal. The only things that I really need to work on are the eating and sleeping. I need to make sure that I get enough calories in my system to support my workouts. My bloodwork was perfect. They said that they were impressed with how well I was doing. And I am down officially 80 pounds. I lost a small child and that crazy. I am learning to appreciate the small victories as well as the big ones.  I have stuff that I am going treat with myself that are not food for each victory.

I took it light on the work outs this past weekend…just doing one zumba clas and one body pump class.

There are lots of things changing for me lately. School and this weight loss transformation are the biggest changes in my life. I am starting a new adventure in life and I am a little scared. I am going to be joining a executive program at ASU and I have some doubts. Can I hang with people are who are older and wiser than I am? Can I impress them? Only time will tell….

My friend Jen and I got some angel wing bracelets to remind us that we can be free from any situation. It has taken me a while to realize that I can run from those what to steal my dreams or crush my plans. I am conquering every obstacle with love for myself and my head up high. For so long I listened to those who said I can’t and part of this transformation is to change that. I am not to going to let me people break me anymore.   I am so grateful in three days I get to see my mom…she is my pillar of strength and my life. My family is my life and I need some time with them.

Below is my food journal for the last few days.



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