What Really Matters

This week I am at home but I am still working out hard and watching my diet. The Holidays are not a time to be lax but they are time to spend with family and those that are most important to you. Family is what you have at the end of the day.

Even though I am on vacation, I am enjoying amazing workouts that are kicking my butt. It was so hard but worth the pain. I did body combat and tabata training at Studio 57 in Lubbock on Friday and Body Pump today there as well.  Even on travel you have to find something that you enjoy to do. I enjoy group classes because of the motivation I receive from the instructors especially when I am at home. It helps make the workout seem less than a workout and more of a social event.

I have been slacking on documenting my food journal. I am doing as well as I can to keep track in my head. Starting Monday I am going start tracking again. These last couple days have been hard with parties and travelling but I have lost 4 pounds so I couldn’t have been that bad J.

My loyalty to people was questioned this week. In this process I am being loyal to myself and doing what is good for me and no one else. Am I being selfish…yes but this time I need to be selfish. Outside of this process… I am loyal to my family first and foremost. I a few friends that are in my inner circle that are considered family and I would take a bullet for them and them for me. I am loyal to them and have never turned my back on them.  And those loyal to me have my back. When I say the word “I love you”…I really mean it. And I only say it to a few people and those people know who they are.

I have also had to be meaner to someone than I am normally am because they questioned the motives of the people around me. I know better than because I was taught better. I was taught that you don’t have to be mean to people to get your point across and the fact I had to be mean to them kills me…but  I am very grateful that they are out of my life and let them keep their drama with them.

The holiday season is about family and friends. After the awful events that happened Connecticut, it is important put family first. Everyone has a different definition on what family and that is fine. Spend time on those that matter the most to you and for those you don’t….don’t spend time worrying about them…you will stronger without them.


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