2013…My Time



This time of year everyone is making New Year’s Resolutions. Instead of making a New Year’s Resolution…make a new life resolution. Vow to change how you do things as for life…not just for one year. I vow to make healthier choices (which are not just limited to food and exercise).

This year I have several things that are weighing on my mind…pun intended. This is the year that I have to lose my 100 pounds. I have to get it done this year. I am starting graduate school and that scares me. It’s an accelerated program and I am definitely the youngest one there. The program is also not in my field of expertise and everyone knows I hate change. I also have to figure out my future. I don’t know where I am going to live after I finish my master’s degree. I need a job that challenges me and makes me smarter. I don’t think San Antonio was the place that I was meant to live forever.  But who knows what the future will hold.

This is the year that I will not settle. I am not settling for anything less than everything I want this year. If this means that I have to work harder, so be it. If means that I forgo something or someone that is not important to me, so be it. It is my time (or your time) to go and get it.

I am spending my time with those who matter. My family matters to me…I love them and need them and won’t make it without them.

Whatever your goal is, make sure you have the support to accomplish it. Surround yourself with the best. I can do bad all by myself and I am trying to surround myself with those who will make me better…I wish the same for everyone else.  Let’s rock it in 2013!!!!


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