Family is nature’s Masterpiece….

I went home for two weeks to spend time with family. Wow…did I need it. It was amazing. I did nothing.
Well I worked out a little bit and laid around. I ate well. I did not write down any of my calories. And I
still lost 4 pounds. With this surgery that is one the upside. I have this fear of being sick…I don’t like to
throw up so I was careful to listen to my body. You have to listen to your body and make sure that you
know your limits.

I did eat a lot of queso during the past two weeks. It was delicious. As long as you balance out your
diet…it’s fine to cheat a little. For me, my requirements are 100-120g of protein and 25g (or more) of
fiber per day. And as long I get those requirements in, I am good. Changing up the calories a little bit
helps the body to break plateaus and can actually cause weight loss. As long as you stay within your
caloric and nutritional requirements per day, it is ok to live a little. I will start putting my food back in my
fitness pal and posting it here.

Coming back to San Antonio was super hard this year. I almost did not come back. There is so much that
I had to go through in the last six months and no one knows all of it but my family knows the majority of
it. I don’t think I could get through the last six months without them. When I need them…they are there.
But more importantly they are there when I want them to be there.

In the past year, I have been making cuts with some of my friends. I have to be selective in who I am
willing to let in to my life right now because my time is so valuable and limited. However there are few
relationships that have been broken that actually make me sad and I miss those people. Sometimes
relationships change. People who thought were supposed to be in your life, sometimes are not meant
to be. Relationships that were supposed to be meant to be forever are only meant to be for a short
amount of time. Friends come in and out but family is always constant. I miss my family but knowing
that there always there for me always makes me smile.


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