Week 2 DONE!!!

Week 2 - Banner sml

Well, my week 2 is done. Both bootcamp and graduate school started at the same time and it is interesting tracking them together. This past week was also my birthday week and I was also sick. It was interesting week, started out a little crazy but ended up on a high note once my family arrived. I have some amazing friends who helped me turn 31 as well.


I have to skip tomorrow’s workout because my family is in town. But I will definitely get some cardio in with a lot shopping. Yesterday’s bootcamp was crazy. I did not think that I could do a modified “alligator” crawl. I tried it at Christy and Mario’s persuasion and it was not as bad I thought it would be. Sometimes you need a break and I need some family time. Today we spent some shopping after my doctor’s appointment and had a great diner.  Tomorrow we  celebrate my brother’s birthday and I am super excited.


Nutritionally I have a few areas that I am going to start working on…starting Monday. I am a stress eater. I took my quiz tonight and as usual I waited until the last minute. As I was taking it, I ate a cracker. After the quiz, which I did not do so well on…I got a 23/25 (I like perfect scores), I ate a small handful of cereal. I need to learn not to turn to food for comfort…it is a hard process but I will soon get there. I also need to work on taking m vitamins regularly. I took them as I was losing hair but now that I am not losing hair, I have been very lax on taking them. I need to work on taking them throughout the day.


15 months of school left and 6 weeks of bootcamp left…as my mom said…you do anything for a limited time…as long as you put your mind and heart in it. When push comes to shove…you will get it done.


One thought on “Week 2 DONE!!!

  1. Elizabeth Soto January 27, 2013 at 3:05 am Reply

    You are doing Awesome Asha!! Being able to juggle School, Bootcamp and overcoming your illness at the same time shows there’s nothing you can’t do!! xoxo

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