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100 pounds!!!!


100 pounds is hard to lose and you don’t lose it alone. You lose it with a support team. I have the best of the best. My family is amazing and always there for me. Then I have an amazing workout team that involves cross training of zumba, body pump, kickboxing, and weight lifting….and some running but I hate running. I am starting to learn that its my imperfections that make me perfect. But everything combines to an amazing workout. This whole thing is  a learning process.

I am finally getting the hang of eating out. Because of my job, I have to be on the road a lot. I think (I am not a doctor) eating clean is important but enjoying food is even more important. So I believe in limiting your portions. Eat well but eat to be healthy and nourish. Here is a real life example. I go to cheesecake factory. I get the turkey burger, minus the bun, and sub the fries for green beans. I don’t drink when I eat so there is no alcohol there but then I get the low carb cheesecake and have two bites. Two bites of desert is ok…not the whole cheesecake. When you limit yourself to portions and not in what you can have you are more likely to succeed. I told someone the other day…don’t say you can’t have something…it will make you want tit more.

Bootcamp is almost done. I did not drop out…I stuck it through. I missed two classes…one for my birthday week and the other for a shoulder injury. One or two misses is okay as long as you stay on track.  I am ready for the next workout challenge and I will conquer it too!! The next big workout challenge is the Dirty Girl Run on March 23rd. I am nervous to do it but I was nervous before bootcamp and survived it too!!

 The second semester of school has started and travel has started for work…little challenges that will make me stronger. I have had to travel and will have travel the rest of my life. So I have to find a balance between eating right or close to right and working out. Remember its 80% diet and 20% exercise. 

Thank to everyone who has supported me and will continue to support me. I really do appreciate it. Whether it be at work, Studio Vida!, Kickboxing, my running team, school, my amazing family or in another way, I still need to the support and appreciate it so much. As I have stated I have 70 more to go and I will continue to move forward.  I have had a few stumbling blocks along the way but they are all learning experiences. I have decided to use what I learn from everyone over the past 8 months take them and learn from them. Every day I walk by a sign and it says “if we don’t understand the past mistakes…we are bound to repeat them”. So take everything that has happened in the past and learn from it.


Week 6 done…2 more to go

Week 6 done…2 more to go

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I think 2013 is the year of challenges. Seriously when do I get do over. I want a normal week. I want a week where I can wake up every morning knowing what the challenges are ahead so I can be prepared. I was talking to a coworker and he is right, life is hard and it is not easy. Sometimes it makes you wonder, why are you doing what you doing and who does it benefit…well now I have to make sure that everything I do benefits me.

I had mild setup with small shoulder injury. Everything is good though, I should be 100% soon. Thank you to the doctors at ARROSTI for taking such good care of me. They rock!! I am training for the dirty girl in Austin and I am super excited. It will be awesome. Today I did bootcamp with 5 amers, zumba, and ran and I feel amazing…and tired.

I am starting to really figure out what to do and when to eat it. I am getting sick of chicken. All I eat is chicken because of its high protein content. I need find a few more ways to make it…watch for the day they will be there.

On a happy note, I got an “A” in my first MSIM class. Yes, the crazy instructor reign is over…thank GOD!! Now looking ahead, this is going to be a tough class but I have an awesome team and my work paid for this semester so I need to pass. (Okay, I know passing for me is an “A” but I still stress).

This is also the year of breakups. So many people I know are getting divorces and or breaking up with people Friends and relationships don’t always last. The people who you think are always going to be there…are not going to be there…they change…you change and the relationship change… That is ok as long as you have your family…including the family you pick…to be around you I love y’all and thanks for being there.

Its Ok to Be Stubborn

scarThere is nothing wrong with being stubborn and hard headed….even if you get hurt its ok because you will learn something from it. Wearing your battle scars will just remind you of the mistakes and hopefully you won’t make it again. You don’t need people to say that they told you so because you are still not going to listen to everything that people say.


Someone told me the other day that I need to be the leading in my own life movie. I need to take charge and have control on how I react to people. The only one who has any control should be my mom and I know she wants me to be happy. I have to make sure that my supporting cast is strong and ready to finish this marathon with me.


30 days…30 days until the Dirty girl 5K. Ready or not here we come!! Calamity Janes are ready to conquer the course and we GOT THIS!! So proud of my team!! So proud of my bootcamp team!! We are kicking butt and doing things that I though we couldn’t do before. It is amazing and we are more than 1/2 way there. Mario may kick our butts, but we can handle it!!!


My nutrition is back on track. I am grateful to my friend Adrienne who sells Pampered chef. She is helping me find tools that make cooking healthy easier.  Watch for our recipes soon!! I love some of the recipes we have come up that have made my life easier and have helped with me weight loss. I am back to getting 120g of Protein and 25g of fiber a day and life is good…food wise.


I have the best friends who are proud that I can take care of myself. I’m the girl who most people would think should quit…but I am just too hard headed. I need to leverage my stubbornness to my advantage…imagine how much better I could be if I just channeled all my energy in positive projects.


Getting Stronger



Getting stronger…both Physically And Emotionally

Day 11 of bootcamp is over and I feel amazing. I am working so hard and have so many supporters, I can’t help but love it. I flipped a tire today, three times across the room, all by myself. Check out the video on my facebook page… So proud of me and all the bootcampers. Way to go.

I have been able to put some of the stress of the stuff going on at work behind me. It has not been easy but I am learning ways to cope. One of the best suggestions I recieved was mediation. Yes, I am the girl with horrible ADD but it has been working.

“Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.

I change my thoughts, I change my world.”

I have not been cooking as much as I would like to lately. Tomorrow I change that. I have been so busy with school and work and everything else, that I have been eating easy meals or going out. Granted my portion sizes are way smaller, eating cleanly and at home is the best option. Tomorrow I am going to Trader Joes and this is my shopping list

  • Ground Turkey
  • Chicken Breasts
  • Tomoatoes
  • Onions
  • Green Peppers
  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Fiber bars
  • Baked Tortilla Chips
  • Cheese.

Take a look at the video on facebook page, I am so proud of myself and excited share to my accomplishment. I love the fact that I am changing so much physically. I work well with the reward system. My reward will be a trip to Hawaii with my family and my sister. I am so excited for the goal that I can’t hardly stand it. I have a bucket list and the two that I want to accomplish when I get to goal weigh is: 1) Skydive on the Gold Coast of Australia and 2) Climb the SydneyBridge in Australia. If you can’t tell…I love Australia.

To Thine Own Self Be True


I was reminded last night of something that I have lost sight of and have not thought about in a long time.  Six words…To Thine Own Self be True…Be true to who are you and what you have been taught. My parents are amazing and know what I am supposed and how to handle certain situations; I just have not been handling them the way I am supposed to lately. I know as long as I go back to what I have been taught, I will be ok and that is what I am going to do…going forward.

I am training for a mud run…a 5k in the grass. I am a little worried about running in the grass and how its going to work with my ankle.  It has been doing well so far but I don’t want to reinjure it doing the grass run training. Bootcamp is all downhill from here. We made it more than half way through and the rest, although it will be hard, will be ok. The initial fears of the bootcamp have gone and I know I can handle it because the support that is there.

 I have been struggling nutritionally…stress causes issues with eating. But I know nutritionally that if I am struggling that I can just go back to basics….high protein, fiber, and calcium. Those are the building blocks that our bodies need to survive. High protein does not mean no carb or fat. You still need carbs but health carbs that won’t turn into fat. I have to be careful what I eat and how much I eat but know that I live in world where I am going to splurge sometimes.  The occasional drink won’t hurt me but 20 will. There has to be a balance. Whenever I feel I am going off track…I will just have to force myself to stay on the right path.

I got my happy back…thanks to my sister. She has been making sure that I am smiling and laughing and that we are doing fun activities constantly. If you are stressed my best advice is to find someone who understands what you are going through and is willing to help you find a way to cope. I am really lucky to have lots of those people in my life.

Week 5 is here….making it through


This week marks the start of week 5. Week 5 is important because it means bootcamp is 1/2 done and my first semester of grad school is complete. This is finals week. However, I won’t spend all my time doing homework. Tomorrow, I am every excited, I see one of music idols at rodeo, Reba McEntire. I will still continue to work and I still have to tutor at the Children’s home. I am super excited about this after having amazing sister’s weekend. My mom is in India for a month and I am going to miss her but she will back soon.


Bootcamp was extremely had this week. I am not a fan of stretching. I have too much ADD for some of the stretches. I can’t concentrate and stay still for long periods of time. However, I was able to do more than I could before and that was a small victory.  That was Thursday. On Saturday we had a sub, and she kicked our butts. I am super sore today. It was hard but I was able to do more than I thought I could do and that was good. I have to start training for the dirty girl run in a month. Hopefully Jen won’t kill me if I can’t do all the obstacles.


Nutrition is getting better. The scale finally went down. I am 8 pounds away from being 100 pounds down since surgery and I am super excited. we are so celebrating that accomplishment. I don’t know how but I am sure that we will come up with something awesome. Instead of eating, I am talking about my issues. Thank goodness I have the best family and friends ever!!!


A special shout to those who have listened to me cry, vent, and scream the last couple of months. I have an amazing family and I am blessed to have amazing friends who have put things into perspective. I even have my own Yoda….Both near and far, you guys have made the last few months bearable. Thank you so much and I love y’all more than you know.

Opened the Flower


Omg…Flower Opened



I am the type of girl who has to learn from her mistakes…I can’t just let people tell me to do something or not. When I was little, I was the girl who had to touch the hot stove to make sure it really it was hot. And now is no different. I am learning hard lessons on my own and figuring out what I truly want…right now.


I am learning that the whole work hard and play harder philosophy is not going to work for me.  The past few weekends I have been going out with friends and then doing a ton of homework and working out super hard….my body is saying slow down. I am only eating 1400 calories and my body needs more energy to do everything. Balance is something that is hard to learn but I am getting there.


Whether it be in work or in my love life right now, I am learning my lessons right now. Everyone told me not to be with someone and I chose to do it anyway and now I am learning why I should really listen. The work situation is another situation where I am learning that I should have listened to others. But once I make the mistake, I will never make it again.


Today we opened our flower and I kept it open, way longer than I thought I could. OMG, I won’t be able to walk tomorrow…it’s a good thing that I need all the airplane and warehouse stuff earlier this week. Bootcamp was very hard today because I was very tired and not paying attention as much as should. Also I should have eaten more before zumba and bootcamp.


I am taking Saturday night off and rest. I need to get some rest to tackle finals week. Hopefully Thursday will be better and I will have more energy by then. Have a great week everyone!!