Week 4 Starts Now





Week 4 Starts Now!!!


Just turned in the last bit of homework after getting home form a disappointing game. Completed yesterday’s bootcamp and today rested and had an amazing day with my sister. My semester for school is almost over, and am I looking forward to next semester. This instructor is a little cuckoo and I hope the next one is more normal.


I started working out with a total gym that I had bought a few months ago and was using it as a clothes rack. Because of the all the hard work at bootcamp, I can use it and be pretty strong. I am getting better at bootcamp. I am glad the coaches are pushing me so hard, Saturday I lifted the tire all by myself and took it outside!


I am doing better on the food. I am listening to my body and figuring out what I can handle. I am not overeating anymore. I am increasing my physical activity and I have taken up one of my old hobbies. I have been working on knitting this scarf since the end of college…its time to finish it. It’s an Asha orginal…it have weird shapes in the middle of it and the stitch count is off. Maybe by the end of the GraduateSchool, I will be done with it.


Even though the 49ers lost, this was an amazing weekend. I learned to line dance, two-step, saw an amazing movie, and spent the weekend with my sister.  We also got massage…yes the girl who does not like to be touched got touched. Although I think next time I will go to another lady…I think she is new and made some mistakes. We just got done spending six hours at Twin Peaks to watch the game and it was great talking and venting time.  Whatever happens with some of the situations I am in right now, are beyond my control. Another week of school and bootcamp starts tomorrow and I have to get ready for that.


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