Opened the Flower


Omg…Flower Opened



I am the type of girl who has to learn from her mistakes…I can’t just let people tell me to do something or not. When I was little, I was the girl who had to touch the hot stove to make sure it really it was hot. And now is no different. I am learning hard lessons on my own and figuring out what I truly want…right now.


I am learning that the whole work hard and play harder philosophy is not going to work for me.  The past few weekends I have been going out with friends and then doing a ton of homework and working out super hard….my body is saying slow down. I am only eating 1400 calories and my body needs more energy to do everything. Balance is something that is hard to learn but I am getting there.


Whether it be in work or in my love life right now, I am learning my lessons right now. Everyone told me not to be with someone and I chose to do it anyway and now I am learning why I should really listen. The work situation is another situation where I am learning that I should have listened to others. But once I make the mistake, I will never make it again.


Today we opened our flower and I kept it open, way longer than I thought I could. OMG, I won’t be able to walk tomorrow…it’s a good thing that I need all the airplane and warehouse stuff earlier this week. Bootcamp was very hard today because I was very tired and not paying attention as much as should. Also I should have eaten more before zumba and bootcamp.


I am taking Saturday night off and rest. I need to get some rest to tackle finals week. Hopefully Thursday will be better and I will have more energy by then. Have a great week everyone!!


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