Week 5 is here….making it through


This week marks the start of week 5. Week 5 is important because it means bootcamp is 1/2 done and my first semester of grad school is complete. This is finals week. However, I won’t spend all my time doing homework. Tomorrow, I am every excited, I see one of music idols at rodeo, Reba McEntire. I will still continue to work and I still have to tutor at the Children’s home. I am super excited about this after having amazing sister’s weekend. My mom is in India for a month and I am going to miss her but she will back soon.


Bootcamp was extremely had this week. I am not a fan of stretching. I have too much ADD for some of the stretches. I can’t concentrate and stay still for long periods of time. However, I was able to do more than I could before and that was a small victory.  That was Thursday. On Saturday we had a sub, and she kicked our butts. I am super sore today. It was hard but I was able to do more than I thought I could do and that was good. I have to start training for the dirty girl run in a month. Hopefully Jen won’t kill me if I can’t do all the obstacles.


Nutrition is getting better. The scale finally went down. I am 8 pounds away from being 100 pounds down since surgery and I am super excited. we are so celebrating that accomplishment. I don’t know how but I am sure that we will come up with something awesome. Instead of eating, I am talking about my issues. Thank goodness I have the best family and friends ever!!!


A special shout to those who have listened to me cry, vent, and scream the last couple of months. I have an amazing family and I am blessed to have amazing friends who have put things into perspective. I even have my own Yoda….Both near and far, you guys have made the last few months bearable. Thank you so much and I love y’all more than you know.


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