To Thine Own Self Be True


I was reminded last night of something that I have lost sight of and have not thought about in a long time.  Six words…To Thine Own Self be True…Be true to who are you and what you have been taught. My parents are amazing and know what I am supposed and how to handle certain situations; I just have not been handling them the way I am supposed to lately. I know as long as I go back to what I have been taught, I will be ok and that is what I am going to do…going forward.

I am training for a mud run…a 5k in the grass. I am a little worried about running in the grass and how its going to work with my ankle.  It has been doing well so far but I don’t want to reinjure it doing the grass run training. Bootcamp is all downhill from here. We made it more than half way through and the rest, although it will be hard, will be ok. The initial fears of the bootcamp have gone and I know I can handle it because the support that is there.

 I have been struggling nutritionally…stress causes issues with eating. But I know nutritionally that if I am struggling that I can just go back to basics….high protein, fiber, and calcium. Those are the building blocks that our bodies need to survive. High protein does not mean no carb or fat. You still need carbs but health carbs that won’t turn into fat. I have to be careful what I eat and how much I eat but know that I live in world where I am going to splurge sometimes.  The occasional drink won’t hurt me but 20 will. There has to be a balance. Whenever I feel I am going off track…I will just have to force myself to stay on the right path.

I got my happy back…thanks to my sister. She has been making sure that I am smiling and laughing and that we are doing fun activities constantly. If you are stressed my best advice is to find someone who understands what you are going through and is willing to help you find a way to cope. I am really lucky to have lots of those people in my life.


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