Week 6 done…2 more to go

Week 6 done…2 more to go

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I think 2013 is the year of challenges. Seriously when do I get do over. I want a normal week. I want a week where I can wake up every morning knowing what the challenges are ahead so I can be prepared. I was talking to a coworker and he is right, life is hard and it is not easy. Sometimes it makes you wonder, why are you doing what you doing and who does it benefit…well now I have to make sure that everything I do benefits me.

I had mild setup with small shoulder injury. Everything is good though, I should be 100% soon. Thank you to the doctors at ARROSTI for taking such good care of me. They rock!! I am training for the dirty girl in Austin and I am super excited. It will be awesome. Today I did bootcamp with 5 amers, zumba, and ran and I feel amazing…and tired.

I am starting to really figure out what to do and when to eat it. I am getting sick of chicken. All I eat is chicken because of its high protein content. I need find a few more ways to make it…watch for the recipes..one day they will be there.

On a happy note, I got an “A” in my first MSIM class. Yes, the crazy instructor reign is over…thank GOD!! Now looking ahead, this is going to be a tough class but I have an awesome team and my work paid for this semester so I need to pass. (Okay, I know passing for me is an “A” but I still stress).

This is also the year of breakups. So many people I know are getting divorces and or breaking up with people Friends and relationships don’t always last. The people who you think are always going to be there…are not going to be there…they change…you change and the relationship change… That is ok as long as you have your family…including the family you pick…to be around you I love y’all and thanks for being there.


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