100 pounds!!!!


100 pounds is hard to lose and you don’t lose it alone. You lose it with a support team. I have the best of the best. My family is amazing and always there for me. Then I have an amazing workout team that involves cross training of zumba, body pump, kickboxing, and weight lifting….and some running but I hate running. I am starting to learn that its my imperfections that make me perfect. But everything combines to an amazing workout. This whole thing is  a learning process.

I am finally getting the hang of eating out. Because of my job, I have to be on the road a lot. I think (I am not a doctor) eating clean is important but enjoying food is even more important. So I believe in limiting your portions. Eat well but eat to be healthy and nourish. Here is a real life example. I go to cheesecake factory. I get the turkey burger, minus the bun, and sub the fries for green beans. I don’t drink when I eat so there is no alcohol there but then I get the low carb cheesecake and have two bites. Two bites of desert is ok…not the whole cheesecake. When you limit yourself to portions and not in what you can have you are more likely to succeed. I told someone the other day…don’t say you can’t have something…it will make you want tit more.

Bootcamp is almost done. I did not drop out…I stuck it through. I missed two classes…one for my birthday week and the other for a shoulder injury. One or two misses is okay as long as you stay on track.  I am ready for the next workout challenge and I will conquer it too!! The next big workout challenge is the Dirty Girl Run on March 23rd. I am nervous to do it but I was nervous before bootcamp and survived it too!!

 The second semester of school has started and travel has started for work…little challenges that will make me stronger. I have had to travel and will have travel the rest of my life. So I have to find a balance between eating right or close to right and working out. Remember its 80% diet and 20% exercise. 

Thank to everyone who has supported me and will continue to support me. I really do appreciate it. Whether it be at work, Studio Vida!, Kickboxing, my running team, school, my amazing family or in another way, I still need to the support and appreciate it so much. As I have stated I have 70 more to go and I will continue to move forward.  I have had a few stumbling blocks along the way but they are all learning experiences. I have decided to use what I learn from everyone over the past 8 months take them and learn from them. Every day I walk by a sign and it says “if we don’t understand the past mistakes…we are bound to repeat them”. So take everything that has happened in the past and learn from it.


One thought on “100 pounds!!!!

  1. Rosie February 28, 2013 at 11:40 am Reply

    You have and always will have my support BEAUTY. 70lbs piece of cake. About that cheesecake yup i was a witness. Only 2 bites. I ate the rest. So glad your almost done. You make me proud. MUD RUN “YIKES”

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