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Another class and bootcamp knocked out!!!!!!!!!!!



So not doing 4Vida! Bootcamp for 2 weeks consistently made this week not fun. I could not do it as well as before. Taking a complete break from working out last week made this week really hard. My body was not used to the intensity of these workouts. Each workout this week was so hard. I barely made it…with the small cold I had it was hard to breathe throughout the workouts. But the express bootcamp is completed and I am stronger for it!! I love that I don’t have to worry about things that I could not do before…if I can’t do it then I can just modify it.


Another semester of school is completed!!! Woohoo!! Only 8 more classes to go and I will have MSIM!! So excited that I am working on my goals…personally and professionally. My professional goals are coming together nicely. I need to finish this masters so I can grow professional and figure out what I want when I grow up.


I have been going out to eat more and that is ok as long I make smart choices. I need to keep the same goals as before…high protein and fiber are what my body needs. That is what all of our bodies need. We need to make sure we get the right amount of nutrients in our body. Only you and your doctor know what you need but you need to make sure that your body gets what it needs.


Next week I am excited to try a workout based on the concepts of TRX. It is a form of resistance training. I am at the point where I need to focus on lifting now to eliminate the extra skin and to lose weight. Gaining muscle is ok because muscle is way prettier than fat.  Muscles look tone and thin and that is what everyone wants to look like.



Seeing results makes me believe that I can do it…in whatever venue I am in. Whether it be zumba, bodypump, body combat, kickboxing, TRX, or whatever, as long as you are moving…you are losing. I know that sounds corny but it is true. Even by just taking the stairs instead of the elevator helps. It also to have people to be accountable to…I have that in spades and I think that makes the biggest difference. I know that my family and friends will always love me no matter what but I want to make them proud and inspire them as so many have inspired me.


I’M BACK!!!!


Today was an amazing day. I go to spend with it with a amazing friend who helped me chronicle my successes. I am grateful for him because he made me smile. A lot. It was an amazing day that I needed. I feel better about a lot of things. What amazing person. It takes an amazing person to bring amazing things out of me. Today I felt pretty and beautiful…Thank you LUIS!!!!!


I had to go grocery shopping for the first time in two weeks. I am so excited to be cooking at home. I love home cooked meals over eating out. Even though I was eating the best food available, it is still not the same as making it yourself. There is something therapeutic about cooking and eating the food you made. I am so excited to start cooking again and I don’t have to go anywhere for two weeks!!!


I also got back on the exercise bandwagon tonight. I did bodypump and worked out with my sister for an hour…running and lifting weights. My arms are shaking as I type this but it was good. Being out of the workout cycle for 2 weeks has really made it hard. I was losing weight during those two weeks because I was not eating enough food but now that I am working out again…I need to start focus on getting enough food in and the right mix of calories.  I finished the dirty girl run and now I have to focus on the next goal. The next work out goal will be one that involves steps.


Instead of having a ton of friends, I am realizing that having really close friends is all I need. When I was younger having more friends made you popular but not anymore. Having those you truly can call friends is important. I love my support circle now. It is filled with people who are there to support me and not bring me down. Those who want to bring down…I have news for you…I AIN”T GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!!

DIRTY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I am now a member of team of dirty girl. I finished the dirty girl and did the obstacles. It was super hard and there were moments I wanted to give up but I had my Jen there egging me on…she is an amazing lady. Having a good support system is key to this process or any lifestyle change process. I have several great support teams that lean on them. There are my clarity and rocks! So proud of Calamity Janes and the Boeing team!!!!

I was worried that my eating was horrible this week while on travel. I got on the scale and it dropped a couple of pounds. I think that all the walking helped…see shopping yields pounds off. I think the biggest thing that helped me was portion control. I still had flaming deserts and high calorie foods…but when you can only have 3 bites of something then it does not impact the waistline that bad.

I am a little nervous about this week of bootcamp…I have not done it in several days and I know that I am going to be behind everyone else. I don’t like stretching and I don’t ever do it on my own. I know flexibility that I gained in the last bootcamp has gone away since I have not been keeping it up on my own. I need to find a stretch routine that I like and can do on my own.

I am excited to be home…no trips for 2 weeks. I miss my bed so much. I wish I could take it with me. I have not been sleeping good because I am not used to the beds or the time zones. Re-training your body is hard, especially if you have a routine. I know it messed with my eating routine and I will have to get back in a routine in San Antonio that includes working out.

I am figuring out what is important to me and that is big thing. You are untouchable when you realize what is important and what is not. Sometimes there is white noise that is nonsense and ridiculousness that goes on…and you have to walk away from that. You have understand that there will always be noise and distractions. Those distractions won’t help you and once you get away from them…you will be happier.



Change is good…….


My life is changing fast. I am changing who I am and I am doing what I am supposed to be doing for me. No one else anymore. NO one else’s opinion matters but my own. Well my family but that is about it. I have always said that I am very lucky to have an amazing family and extended family who loves me more than anything. If you can have one friend who will be there for you….then you are lucky…I have way more than that so I am blessed.

I am on work travel and I have not been perfect but I have been doing better than what I have done in the past. I am still a work in progress and so is my eating. I am enjoying life and living every moment to the fullest. Even on my worst days…I am doing better than I was doing in the pasts.

I am in Mesa this week for class on how to be a trainer. I am going to be a Boeing Enterprise Instructor.  The hotel I am staying at is on a golf course and I should attempt a lesson. I am no Tiger Woods but I can hold my own. Last time I went to a driving range in St. Louis, I had negative torque and hit someone in the back and everyone laughed…but part of trying new things is being able to laugh at your mistakes.

I am doing the dirty girl run on Saturday and I am super excited. I can’t wait to conquer something else. Others may not like who I am becoming but they don’t have to live with myself. I can live with what going on with my life and I understand everything that I have been through to get to this point. The last year has not been easy…it has been hard. It is been a lot of work and a lot of people have done a lot to get me to this point. I have learned that I need to have more intrinsic motivation and I have to motivate myself more than anyone else.

Happy Girl….



Happiness is my new way of life. I don’t do things that don’t make me happy anymore. My only exception to that is work. Sometimes at work you have to do things that don’t make you happy but they should be the only exception. I am only keeping those who make me happy and make me a better person. I was talking to my nurse the other day and she told me…do what makes you happy not anyone else. Beside my family and my adopted family, I am not focused on making others happy anymore.


I survived my first work trip in several months. I was able to find a bootcamp that was on the beach and it was amazing. There are things that I learned from them that I would not have learned if I had just stayed at my hotel room. The bootcamp taught me how to do squat jacks and on the first day…it was more like a personal training session. The key is to find something you like to do while on travel. I need the group class atmosphere because it helps to keep me motivated. It helps me keep focused. I did do some shopping while on this trip and that counted as cardio. And I had to lift my heavy heavy suitcase…the resultant of too much cardio…J

On the food front I did ok…a few little slips here and there, but one thing to remember…I am doing better than I did before. My coworkers made me a cheesecake for pie day. I love pie day…maybe because I am dorky engineer or maybe because I like to celebrate…I just know I like pie day was happy I could celebrate. I was happy that my coworkers at Cecil Field are amazing and were willing to do anything that I needed.

Some exciting news!!! I fit into a size 14. I was trying on dresses and I fit into a size 14 dress and I have not done that in a long time. Not a stretchy dress but a fitted dress. I was so excited and proud of myself that I called my mom from the dressing room. I love the way I look in the dress. I may not always like the way I look in the mirror but I am starting to like the way I look in the mirror sometimes and that is a big start. That is a big change to more confident and happy Asha.

BOOTCAMP #1 Complete




We did it!! I say we because bootcamp is a team effort. We all pushed and cheered with each other. And one someone needed to be picked up, we did that for everyone.  All 8 weeks of bootcamp are complete. Some days were harder than others. I am not a big of stretch days…I don’ get that much from them and I don’t have the attention span to go that slow. They are just not for me. I think I am too competitive and aggressive for yoga and stretch.

I am work travel and I am learning that when I go away for prolonged periods of time, that I need to incorporate fitness classes into my schedule or some form of exercise on daily basis. It could be as simple as walking the mall and shopping. Remember shopping is cardio and if you buy a lot of stuff its strength training J. I am headed to Jacksonville this week to do some audits and I found a place that has bootcamps….bootcamps on the beach…yes please. I do better in the workout class setting than doing it on my own.  It is more enjoyable for me when I am working out in a group.

For the first time in 4 months, I have an unlimited food and drink budget. I can eat or drink whatever I want and that concerns me a little bit. I know what I have to do but there is so more temptation on travel….especially work travel. I am just going to have to plan my meals strategically and think about everything that I put in my mouth. Hopefully I can remember how far I have come and how much I have to go and the amount of work it has/will take.

The girl who was scared of bootcamp is now ready for round 2. She is ready to conquer the world. She is ready to move forward. This past week I saw something that made think. Celebrate your small success, don’t let the bigger goals overpower the importance of the smaller successes. I have to realize that I need to celebrate milestones. It is important to celebrate big and important successes but celebrating small victories can keep you motivated. Celebrate with those who make you better and who have been there through your ups and downs.


Everyday…I am getting a little bit stronger…and happier




So I am getting stronger emotionally and physically…and doing things that I thought I could never do. A couple of people have been telling me that I look happier. My mom is back from India and I am one happy girl. She is back on US soil and I am happy she got back safe and sound! Also, I was able to some baggage and some negative people behind me and I am doing so much better. I happier and feeling that I can do whatever I want…there are no limits.


School is kicking my butt. But its good that I am learning something new. I know nothing about the course work I am doing now and it is hard. It is challenging. But “if it’s not intense…it’s not worth” right? If it does not push your to your limits, how are you going to gain anything valuable from it. This degree allows me to be one step closer to ruling the world…because that is the goal.


I asked to go work travel to get away from a situation and I am ready to come back stronger and hopefully with some amazing news. I have the dirty girl on the 23rd of March and I am coming back for that. I am ready go conquer it with my team and we will do our very best. Yes, Asha will get dirty and it will so much fun.


I still need to work on eating enough but I am getting better at it. I am leaning what works for my body. My body needs the calorie count to change daily. I can’t eat the same thing everyday. I challenge everyone to mix up their calorie and count and make give their body some confusion. Just like working…you need cross training to push you to the next level.


Bootcamp may be coming to a close but we are not done yet. Studio Vida! Family we have a long way to go and we have come from a long way for anyone of us to give up. We must work together get stronger and faster and better.