One goal met…another one to reach

asha4vidaI did it and I lost my 100 pounds. I have 70 more pounds to go. I have a long journey ahead me. These are going to be hardest 70 to because I can eat more and I am trying more foods. I will have to make sure that my exercise increases as well and will have to incorporate more cross training into my workouts.


So I tried Chipotle for the first time since my surgery and it was not a good situation. The meat was tough and hard to digest. And the cheese had been sitting out forever and you could tell. Also the people behind the counter were really rude and not accommodating to our diet needs. On a positive note, my low carb, high fiber, cheese and turkey pepperoni pizzas were a hit and everyone loved them. Super easy to make and filling and delicious.


I have been sweating some things lately. I have been working with someone and they have been helping see that the small stuff isn’t worth sweating anymore. The stuff I am worrying about are beyond my control and I need to let go of some of the stress. I am not holding it anymore and I am not going to let the stupid, petty, small stuff eat me alive like it used to… I need to save my sweat for the bootcamps and workouts and not for things that I can’t control.



My mom is coming back to the US this week and the happiest person in the world about that. I need my rock back. My guide through this crazy world. I need her help in making some big decisions. I have said before and will continue to say it “I am 31 and I still need my mommy”. I will always need her support because she is an amazing person and she has seen me through it all. I am also blessed to have the family that I chose. My sorority sister has been amazing this weekend has been so awesome because of her. She exposed me to new ideas and things that I never would have tried otherwise. Have a wonderful week and hope that you remember things that seem like a big deal now are not really that big of deal after a couple weeks, months, or even years.


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