Everyday…I am getting a little bit stronger…and happier




So I am getting stronger emotionally and physically…and doing things that I thought I could never do. A couple of people have been telling me that I look happier. My mom is back from India and I am one happy girl. She is back on US soil and I am happy she got back safe and sound! Also, I was able to some baggage and some negative people behind me and I am doing so much better. I happier and feeling that I can do whatever I want…there are no limits.


School is kicking my butt. But its good that I am learning something new. I know nothing about the course work I am doing now and it is hard. It is challenging. But “if it’s not intense…it’s not worth” right? If it does not push your to your limits, how are you going to gain anything valuable from it. This degree allows me to be one step closer to ruling the world…because that is the goal.


I asked to go work travel to get away from a situation and I am ready to come back stronger and hopefully with some amazing news. I have the dirty girl on the 23rd of March and I am coming back for that. I am ready go conquer it with my team and we will do our very best. Yes, Asha will get dirty and it will so much fun.


I still need to work on eating enough but I am getting better at it. I am leaning what works for my body. My body needs the calorie count to change daily. I can’t eat the same thing everyday. I challenge everyone to mix up their calorie and count and make give their body some confusion. Just like working…you need cross training to push you to the next level.


Bootcamp may be coming to a close but we are not done yet. Studio Vida! Family we have a long way to go and we have come from a long way for anyone of us to give up. We must work together get stronger and faster and better.


One thought on “Everyday…I am getting a little bit stronger…and happier

  1. Robin Englehardt Benson March 7, 2013 at 3:03 pm Reply

    You look awesome. Glad you are making some good changes in your life!

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