BOOTCAMP #1 Complete




We did it!! I say we because bootcamp is a team effort. We all pushed and cheered with each other. And one someone needed to be picked up, we did that for everyone.  All 8 weeks of bootcamp are complete. Some days were harder than others. I am not a big of stretch days…I don’ get that much from them and I don’t have the attention span to go that slow. They are just not for me. I think I am too competitive and aggressive for yoga and stretch.

I am work travel and I am learning that when I go away for prolonged periods of time, that I need to incorporate fitness classes into my schedule or some form of exercise on daily basis. It could be as simple as walking the mall and shopping. Remember shopping is cardio and if you buy a lot of stuff its strength training J. I am headed to Jacksonville this week to do some audits and I found a place that has bootcamps….bootcamps on the beach…yes please. I do better in the workout class setting than doing it on my own.  It is more enjoyable for me when I am working out in a group.

For the first time in 4 months, I have an unlimited food and drink budget. I can eat or drink whatever I want and that concerns me a little bit. I know what I have to do but there is so more temptation on travel….especially work travel. I am just going to have to plan my meals strategically and think about everything that I put in my mouth. Hopefully I can remember how far I have come and how much I have to go and the amount of work it has/will take.

The girl who was scared of bootcamp is now ready for round 2. She is ready to conquer the world. She is ready to move forward. This past week I saw something that made think. Celebrate your small success, don’t let the bigger goals overpower the importance of the smaller successes. I have to realize that I need to celebrate milestones. It is important to celebrate big and important successes but celebrating small victories can keep you motivated. Celebrate with those who make you better and who have been there through your ups and downs.



One thought on “BOOTCAMP #1 Complete

  1. Ann Hodges March 13, 2013 at 1:55 pm Reply

    Congrats! I knew you would finish. First of many!-Ann

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