DIRTY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I am now a member of team of dirty girl. I finished the dirty girl and did the obstacles. It was super hard and there were moments I wanted to give up but I had my Jen there egging me on…she is an amazing lady. Having a good support system is key to this process or any lifestyle change process. I have several great support teams that lean on them. There are my clarity and rocks! So proud of Calamity Janes and the Boeing team!!!!

I was worried that my eating was horrible this week while on travel. I got on the scale and it dropped a couple of pounds. I think that all the walking helped…see shopping yields pounds off. I think the biggest thing that helped me was portion control. I still had flaming deserts and high calorie foods…but when you can only have 3 bites of something then it does not impact the waistline that bad.

I am a little nervous about this week of bootcamp…I have not done it in several days and I know that I am going to be behind everyone else. I don’t like stretching and I don’t ever do it on my own. I know flexibility that I gained in the last bootcamp has gone away since I have not been keeping it up on my own. I need to find a stretch routine that I like and can do on my own.

I am excited to be home…no trips for 2 weeks. I miss my bed so much. I wish I could take it with me. I have not been sleeping good because I am not used to the beds or the time zones. Re-training your body is hard, especially if you have a routine. I know it messed with my eating routine and I will have to get back in a routine in San Antonio that includes working out.

I am figuring out what is important to me and that is big thing. You are untouchable when you realize what is important and what is not. Sometimes there is white noise that is nonsense and ridiculousness that goes on…and you have to walk away from that. You have understand that there will always be noise and distractions. Those distractions won’t help you and once you get away from them…you will be happier.




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