Living MI VID LOCA!!


When you start to love your flaws and love yourself…people who you love will love you more. Your flaws or what you think you lack is who are and if people don’t like that…it might be time to say goodbye. I am learning how to understand that if I lack something in one area…I make up for in another area…and if I don’t…so what. I have my family and friends that support me beyond belief and I don’t have to apologize anymore for meeting someone’s criteria in life.

I have a new hate/love relationship with working out. I hate/love TRX cables. I have never felt that sore before. Trying new things is good for the body and the soul. I am thinking of building my own ballet bar and trying the barre effect exercises. I am starting to use my total gym and I love how working out time is now me time. It is time for me to think about and just get de-stressed. I love that I can work out my anger instead eat some of the feelings.

The scale is finally moving down again. 68 more pounds to go!!! I can’t believe that it is now within a reachable goal. How crazy is that in less than 10 months…I changed everything about me. I have changed what I do and I how feel…I take that back…I have not changed…I found me. I found who I was supposed to me and for the first time in a long time, I am able to dream and decide what I want to do. There is nothing standing in the way of anything I want to do.

Instead of letting others define how I feel or me…I am defining that. I am defining who I am and what I should be doing with my life. No one can take that away from me. There are things in the life that I am never going to be and that is okay. As long as I know that is okay…it does not matter what others think. Once you start letting go of people and who they are and what they are doing to you…the better off you are in the long run. I think that is why God allows people to come in and out of your life so quickly but those who are meant to stay will always be there


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