Body Under Construction Indefinitely

road to success

This has been an interesting work out week. I started the 30 day squat challenge. Between that bodupump, zumba, and cross training….this weight is going to come off. Even though the numbers on the scale are not moving…the inches are coming off. The inches are fat and I am getting more toned. This new body is going to take some getting used to and I need to figure out how to live in it. This body will always be under construction and I get to shape it how I want to.

Grocery shopping is my least favorite activity. Because I don’t know what I feel like eating and I hate meal planning. But meal planning is the only that I am going to get all my protein in. I am going to be purchasing a Nutribullet soon so I can easily juice my vegetables and fruit and add some protein in there. There are tons of good protein out there that can make the simplest drink healthy. I am in love with quest bars. They help keep me regular while providing me with 20g of protein.

I had a proud moment yesterday. When confronted with an adversary, instead of freaking out and getting upset, I handled with style and grace. I fought like a girl…I was able to walk away without crying…for the first time in a long…I am able to stand up for myself and walk away from those who don’t matter. In my life the people who matter are those who are going to help me make a difference.

I am so excited to see my mom tomorrow. I need her more than I thought and I am so excited to see her. After talking to some friends, I am grateful that mom believes in me more than she should. She understands me and makes sure that I am taken care of. Even when she was in India, I called her all the time and she was always there for me. I hope she understands how proud I am to be her daughter.


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