Failure not option!!!


I had this fear that I was going to fail at this weight loss goal. But I have realized that my will to succeed is greater than my fear of failure. I am not giving into fears anymore. If I can’t do something…that is ok…but why be scared. Why be scared at something that I control? I control the intensity of the workout. I control how far I am willing to go and I control my own destiny. I control what I want. I control how I react to others.

Open notice to everyone: I am not putting up with any more nonsense. Don’t bring me any. I don’t want it. Keep your drama for your mama. I was really mad at the early part of this week but then I realized that I control how I react to it. I chose to cut that out of my life. Between school, work, working out, and everything else I do….I ain’t got time for that.

I went to Vegas for a friend’s wedding as was scared that I was not going to do that well…there is food everywhere in Vegas. I am proud to report that not only did I survived but I shined. Yes I had frozen yogurt for breakfast every morning (except when I went to Serendipty), but I met all my fiber and protein goals and had an amazing time. Congratulations friend!!

I hate running…I think I always will. I feel like I am too slow at it. But I am giving it one more try.  I would rather give it one more try than say why didn’t I try again. I lived for so long with regrets…it is time for no more regrets…only positively moving forward and trying things that I was scared to try before.

Instead of taking what people do to me and getting upset…I am fighting back. I am using that anger in my work outs…using them to drive to be better instead of dragging me down. I get mad. Then I scream…I may cry but at the end of the day I have use everything I have and receive for my advantage….using this anger is helping me get results.  I define my success…no one else (well my family) matters…we have worked too hard to quit now. If I have to do something else to get to my goals…so be it…but I am not quitting.



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