Have to remember Belly to the back….down the runway of life…..

fashion show


So in a few days, I will be gracing the stage and walking down the runway in front of family and friends and I am excited and nervous. I got my outfit. I have an idea on my hair. They will do my makeup. Seeing my progress and how far I have come is a big deal. I know what I want and I am not afraid of getting it.


I have figured out this eating thing. I know what my body needs and what it does not need. Sometime fate intervenes. They opened a dunkin donuts near my house. All I want is one chocolate donut hole…for those of you know…a muchkin. I have gone three times and all three times…they have ran out. I was about to cry…but settled for a fiber bar instead. That is a healthier option but I was sad. There is plan for us and fate and a higher being is out there watching out for us.


So there are so many workout challenges this month. The squat challenge…the plank…challenge…bootcamps…May 30 day workout challenge. They are so many to chose from…so take advantage of it. Find a friend or foe and do one…what do you have to lose…nothing but a few pounds. These challenges are met to jumpstart any workout routine. If you can’t find anyone to do it with you….please let me know and I will do it with you.


My family comes into town on Sunday to support me. I can’t ask for a greater gift than that. My brother will be here on Wednesday. Some friends will come and go but family is forever. Family will be there through thick and thin. Remember you have your family and those  you chose as family. And when you have no one else you have your family and your extended family to lean on…that is amazing. When you are doing great…everyone is around you….when you are struggling is when you find out who your friends are…those willing to stick close by and watch you pick yourself up and cheer you on…no matter what…are the ones I want with me for the rest of my life…not matter where they live and they know who they are…..


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