Punching through 106 Pounds!!!

Walking the Runway yesterday was scary but I am so proud that I did it. I was skeptical in doing it but it was another thing I conquered. It was something I did not want to do but was glad that I did. I am was able to conquer it and blast through it.

Sometimes I feel like nothing is constant but change. As I survived another round of layoffs, my job is changing. I am going to have more responsibilities in my job but I can’t complain because at least I have a job. Having a job is better than not having a job. I like paying bills and having insurance. So even though my job is changing and I have more things to do, I still need to find time to work out and do it well.

I am finally figuring out what I need to survive calorie wise. Now that I have figured out, I am feeling great working out. I have less days that I am tired and more days that I can do more. Which helps with working on school and working out.


I am thankful for everyone who came to see me conquer through. Punching the through the old me in front of those who support me is amazing. Thank you to the bootcamp ladies , friends that came to visit, and my personal photographer, Luis and Georgia.  Special thanks to my sister for doing my hair. But I am most grateful to mom and brother who were sitting in the front row watching me and all of their hard work come to premonition. I am 10X stronger than before. Thank you all!!


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