Restoring Faith




May faith has been shaken the last few months. My faith in myself. I have been under so many investigations and uncertainness at work….I had no idea what was going on or what I was going to do. This week has been the week that I have gotten the greatest of news. I am so lucky and blessed…not just to have an amazing family but a lot of amazing opportunities come may way….LUCKY GIRL.


When you are stressed, you make poor eating choices. I know I have gotten off the wagon a little bit. But now the focus is back…cutting back on the sugars. Fat does not make you fat…its the carbs that make you fat. If you can understand that and change your diet accordingly you can lose weight. I have also fallen of the vitamin bandwagon and need to get back on it. I have to get my thyroid check to make sure that it is functioning properly and figure out why I am so tired all the time.


All these investigations have taken attention from working out. Stress does that to you and is one of the biggest causes of weight gain. So I am glad that is all behind me and I can now focus on working out again…bootamp session starts in two weeks and I have to take 3 trips before then for work. Let’s do it ladies…its going to be another awesome adventure.


I am ready for the unknown. Wherever it takes me…I am ready. I hope that moving forward will make me stronger. If I fail…that is ok…because I am not going lose faith in myself again. It is harder not to have faith in yourself than to fail. Faith gives you hope and no one can take hope way. After all…Asha means hope:).


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