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1 year…..the best is yet to come



So I made it to my 1 year mark. I would like to tell you that it was easy, but if I told you it was easy…I would be lying.  It was not easy at all…there were a lot of trials and tribulations…some that I have not told anyone but my mom. But I survived and would have not survived if I did not have the support that I have. Nothing is stronger than love.

I have had to fight a lot of battles internally and externally.  I have learned that life is like a puzzle…I may not be the piece that fits. You can say anything you want about me…you will never win….I got this and I have fought so much this year…I know how to win. I am learning to not only lead with my heart but with head as well. The decisions I am making are smarter and good for me.

God is Great but sometimes life is not always good. You wonder why you are doing things…sometimes you have do things…whether you want to do them or not. Sometimes those things make you unpopular but you have to do them anyway. This year I have learned so much…here are thins I have learned….

Ten Things I have Learned This past year:

  1. Bad days are just as important as the good days…you learn from those days…The hard ones pass just like the good ones do
  2. Those who are going to stick by you are the ones that have been with you forever…sometimes you have get rid of those who are toxic to you
  3. You can’t always do everything alone…you will always need someone
  4. Sometimes you can’t do everything and be there for everyone…taking time to do nothing and being around those love you is important too
  5. Love yourself first…if you don’t love yourself how can you expect someone else to love you
  6. Respect yourself and others…sometimes it’s hard to always be polite and sometimes you forget about being polite to yourself
  7. Take your vitamins ( I have not been taking them for a while and feel sick so I have started again)
  8. Laughter is not only good for you spirit…but it is good exercise as well…laugh instead of cry…it will change you mood.
  9. Sleep is important…without sleep you can’t do anything…your body needs time to recharge…
  10. DON’T GIVE UP!!! Especially when you a scared, tired, or frustrated.


I am stronger than I have ever known. Here I stand with my head held high. I am learning to love myself. I have been spending time alone and just doing nothing. I find that I need that time alone to chill and relax. I quite like parts of myself right now. Remember, “being healthy is the greatest gift…being content is the greatest wealth…and faithfulness is the best relationship” (Buddha)….I am learning to be healthy, I am trying be content with who I am and I am learning that I have to faithful to who I am and what I have become.


Meet me in Phoenix



Why attend the OAC this year….why wouldn’t you…

The Obesity Action Coalition is one of the organizations responsible for my success. They are amazing in what they do. Not only do they support research that give surgeons the latest information about advice to give their patients and how to make their surgeries more successful, they allow everyone to exchange ideas and concerns. This is the first and only weight loss convention I have ever gone to. I went 4 months after my surgery because I need to learn how to deal with my changes and other people handle things…I never thought it would change my life…literally.

It is not just seminars and lectures…it is not just vendors to see and get free stuff…it is meeting people…people who have gone what you have gone through. No one can understand what you are going through…if they have not gone through it themselves. There things that I have had to do my body to get it work somewhat normal. Things I would not wish on my worst enemy. The OAC is like family where there are no judgments and no one to laugh at the silly questions we newbies had.

And in all honesty…it was not about asking all those questions either…I got to meet some amazing people. The connections I have made there…have helped in my life and changed my perspective on how I view things. I met Sarah and because of her I got to meet the creator of the blog “the world according to eggface” …she helped me get through the first few week post operation. I got meet Beth as well. These three ladies are the champions of the OAC and weight loss surgery and because of them I am able to understand why I am going through some of the things I am going through…THANK YOU ladies!!!!

This is a life changing surgery. I have an amazing family and group of friends, no doubt. But the people I was able to meet here have helped me immensely in my recovery and allow me to keep faith…that everything will work and I can be successful. The information that I received here through seminars and lectures, as well as from vendors has been invaluable. I have learned how to nourish my body without going overboard. I have learned so much and continue to learn from them. I plan on going to Phoenix to the convention….Meet me in Phoenix…it will be EPIC!!!

Another round….another awesome 8 weeks



Round 2…Day 0/1


Let’s do this. I know some of us…me included were nervous. The last bootcamp was 2 months ago and I know I have not worked out that hard in a long time. These next two weeks are going to be hard…maybe harder than expected but we can do to this…we got this…let’s go team.

Losing weight is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. You could do 100 hours of bootcamp and eat like crap and you will not see one bit of difference.  I definitely saw a difference when I was on travel versus when I am at home. Because I am not in situation to dictate my schedule…I have to travel…I just have to make adjustments. This past trip…I did not work and I felt so gross after that.  I am making adjustments, now that I am home…making my own meals and cutting back on preservatives.

Support is key to any success. I am so grateful to the ones I have. Even though sometimes I feel all alone…I know that is not the case and that I have amazing friends and family. And I was reminded of that today when talking to my mom about the school and how I took on more than I can chew. She put things in perspective and I feel better about what is going on in my life.

I know where my strengths and weaknesses are. I know where I have room to grow and where I need to be careful. I am such a nerd that I performed my own SWOT analysis on life and what I need to and where I need to be. I know that I am not there yet but I will be soon.