Another round….another awesome 8 weeks



Round 2…Day 0/1


Let’s do this. I know some of us…me included were nervous. The last bootcamp was 2 months ago and I know I have not worked out that hard in a long time. These next two weeks are going to be hard…maybe harder than expected but we can do to this…we got this…let’s go team.

Losing weight is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. You could do 100 hours of bootcamp and eat like crap and you will not see one bit of difference.  I definitely saw a difference when I was on travel versus when I am at home. Because I am not in situation to dictate my schedule…I have to travel…I just have to make adjustments. This past trip…I did not work and I felt so gross after that.  I am making adjustments, now that I am home…making my own meals and cutting back on preservatives.

Support is key to any success. I am so grateful to the ones I have. Even though sometimes I feel all alone…I know that is not the case and that I have amazing friends and family. And I was reminded of that today when talking to my mom about the school and how I took on more than I can chew. She put things in perspective and I feel better about what is going on in my life.

I know where my strengths and weaknesses are. I know where I have room to grow and where I need to be careful. I am such a nerd that I performed my own SWOT analysis on life and what I need to and where I need to be. I know that I am not there yet but I will be soon.


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