Minor Setbucks…can’t stop you!!!



A minor setback is not the end of the world. We are going to stick together and conquer our demons and fears. We are going to be ok…we have our online and physical support. We have to be there for one another because sum is stronger than the individual parts. We are on a fitness revolution…to change ourselves, each other, and others!

Bootcamp is cancelled for a little while. Let’s show the world what we are made and keep striving to success. We have all come so far, we can do it….we can work together and get through this little hurdle. Hopefully Mario will be able to figure it out and we will be together once again. Hang in there 4Vida family….we got this

I am doing workouts on my own. I don’t like but I have to motivate myself. I can’t always rely on others to motivate me. BUT…knowing that they are not physically there but there in spirit is very important. Know that I can call on them when I need them is also important. Having that support group is so crucial in any major endeavor….

Why is support so important? Without it you won’t succeed. Yes you can do anything you put your mind to but sometimes you need that accountability. I know that I do. It is my fitbook crew that has been keeping me on track. Healthy eating is so important on so many levels. Without eating healthy, one could be skinny but still unhealthy. Eating natural all process foods is what it is all about. Eating clean. Cocnut oil is amazing. It has helped regulate my thyroid and made me crave sweets less. I have not eaten frozen yogurt since I started using coconut oil. Thank you fitbook crew…love you guys!!!

Those who take care of me are the ones that I am loyal to and believe in. There are some major changes happening everywhere and with everything. Make sure the ones who have around are the ones who support you and make sure that you understand who they really are. Family, love, hope, determination, will, courage, and strength are the only things we have in this crazy thing we call life….


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