Sometimes I don’t know if I am coming or going. In fact I am writing this on the airplane. I just got my travel schedule for September and I will be gone for most of it. I don’t know what is going to happen with my job. I don’t know whether I need to meet with realtor and lawyer or just chill. I don’t like my life being in limbo this much.  I need structure.

I think that when I get back to San Antonio, that I am going to join Gold’s gym. I am going to get rid of my LA fitness membership for a little while. It is too far away. And I can join the other bootcampers and still have that support that I need. I need to lift weights and not just rely on zumba,

So even when I travel, I know that I have to be responsible for my food and make sure that I get enough of everything I need. I can only do that. It time to put some of the accountability on me and not others. Even though having support is key, I think that it time that I take control and do things my way. I make my own rules. Those rules that I live by are what makes me successful and who I am…..

Bootcamp may be on hold and we might have to wait a little while. That is ok. What is meant to happene will always happen. We are all trying to find ourselves. By losing weight and losing something that have we had for a long time…we find ourselves. Once you have found yourself you can do anything and be at peace with yourself.


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