New Beginnings…………….



Life is moving at warp speed right now. Usually it moves at 500 mph but these past two weeks…after accepting the job has been crazy. Making lists of things that have to be done and checking everything twice. Cleaning out things is hard work. When you have very little time to make a decision on whether or not to keep something….it is easier to PURGE…PURGE…PURGE…

I have started changing my eating habits; I have learned a lot and feel better. I am eating more vegetables and consuming less sugar than before. It is 80% food and 20% workout. I have had to say no to cookies, cakes, and donuts…but we are worth it…not to put fake food into our bodies. If I have to go on work travel or site travel…I am going to McDonalds and getting a grilled chicken salad…200 calories and they are delish…Everyone likes to eat but moderation is key. Remember everything in moderation…including moderation.

I would like to encourage everyone to try ezfit once. I have tried it twice now and I love it. While we wait for bootcamp to start this is amazing alternative. I think that I will incorporate 2-3 sessions of it every week just for conditioning. There is no right or wrong formula when working out. You have to do what is best for you. Cardio AND strength training are important and each person has different needs when it comes to that.

Congratulations to Dale Family on their new location and all the great things to come. We are in this together because “we are family” and we will persevere ahead together…no matter where we are located.


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